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Membership Updated

2022-02-10 16:05 | James Dinsch (Administrator)

As discussed in prior emails and at our last meeting, we have been working on a project to get our membership rolls up-to-date with the goal being getting the FAEMSE membership and the membership on the listserv in sync with only current, paid members of the Association.

Invoices were mailed via USPS to all lapsed members in early January with a deadline of payment by February 3. Those members in all classifications (individual, institutional, and corporate) that were not current at that point would be removed from the membership rolls. They are welcome to re-apply to reinstate their memberships as we don’t want to exclude them, but at this point, they have been removed, and the Google group has been updated. All current, paid members and those in "renewing" status should have received an email re-adding them to the Google group. This method was necessary due to limited member management functionaltiy within Google Groups.

Anyone that believes they were removed in error, needs their subscribed email changed, or has any other questions should contact Executive Director Dinsch at james.dinsch@faemse.org.

Thank you all for your continued commitment to education excellence in Florida.

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