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The Florida Association of Emergency Medical Services Educators (FAEMSE) is a member-based association organized to provide resources to individuals and organizations that will foster excellence in EMS education and training. The vision of FAEMSE is to be the foremost resource within Florida's EMS educational community.

Free National EMS Education Standards Training

Educators, Florida has a problem with National Registry pass rates.

The Department of Health has asked the Florida Association of EMS Educators to help EMS programs across the state improve pass rates. The FAEMSE board has identified several focus areas, and the first relates to understanding exam content.

Since 2009 EMS education nationally has been based on the National EMS Education Standards, last updated in 2021. Yet many instructors have never heard of them. If you want your students to be successful on their National Registry exams, you need to know what content you need to cover in your program.

FAEMSE invited all educators to join long-time EMS educator Jaime Greene as he discussed the history and contents of both the EMS Education Agenda for the Future and the National EMS Education Standards as well as how important both are for EMS education, testing, and certification today. This was done in four separate, free Zoom session from February to May. Additional sessions, including a possible in-person session at a future EMSAC meeting, are being discussed. Additionally, while part of the value of the Zoom session was an ability to ask questions and interact, FAEMSE does plan to edit the Zoom recordings into a pre-recorded version that will be available for viewing by new instructors or those that didn't get a chance to attend.

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