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Changes to the Board of Directors

2022-06-22 16:03 | James Dinsch (Administrator)

Since our meetings this past week, there have been some changes to the membership of the FAEMSE Board of Directors.

Following our meetings, we received notice from Scott Kennedy, who had moved up to President, that he would be leaving EMS education and his position at Suncoast Technical College to return to clinical practice. In his new position, he was not going to be able to dedicate the time needed to serve effectively, so he tendered his resignation from both the Board and the Association as a whole. Scott has been a very vocal member when it comes to doing EMS education well and moving FAEMSE forward. We thank Scott for his past service and wish him the best as he returns to clinical practice.

Scott’s resignation created a vacancy on the board. Per the bylaws, it is the responsibility of the seated board to appoint someone to fill the remaining term of a vacant position. The board met today and filled that vacancy as follows:

  • President-elect Mark Tuttle (Suncoast Technical College) automatically moved into the President position thru 2024.
  • Secretary Melissa McNally (Central Florida Emergency Education Consultants) was appointed to fill the President-elect vacancy, a six year commitment thru 2028.
  • At-large board member Elizabeth Todak (Seminole State College) was appointed to fill the Secretary vacancy thru 2024.
  • Kozette (Kozy) Hubbard (Bartow High School Medical & Fire Academy) was appointed to fill the at-large vacancy for the remainder of Todak’s term thru 2023.

In recent years, the Board has sought to broaden its representation of our various educator communities. We have public and private schools represented as well as different geographic regions of the state. With the addition of Kozy to the board, we further broaden that reach with representation of our high school medical educators.

We welcome Kozy to the board, and we thank all of our board members for their ongoing commitment to help resource the EMS educators in the state with the goal of fostering excellence in EMS education.

Click here for the full list of board members and their contact information.

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